Hi, my name is Csaba Serak, your personal trainer. Originally from Hungary, I moved to Sydney in January, 2017. Over the last eight years I have gained experience as a Personal Trainer in one of Budapest’s largest gym at the Gym City Budapest and I also have experience as a Gym Manager at Holmes Place Budapest.

As a child, I participated in several different sports and it was important for me to have physical exercise as part of my everyday life, so the gym was perfect for me. When I moved from my hometown to Budapest, I started to train in a professional capacity. I trained at one of the best and most reputable gyms in the city to further my knowledge and develop my body. I studied and put into practice the correct execution of exercises, I received dietary advice and I learnt additional training methods. I noticed tremendous changes to my mind, body and spirit, so I knew that this lifestyle was exactly what I wanted.

After a few years of training, I decided to become a professional Personal Trainer. I gained my qualification as a European Union certified Fitness & Bodybuilding Coach and Personal Trainer in Europe. When I moved to Australia I continued my education in Sydney with the Certificate III and IV in Fitness. At the moment I’m the head of personal trainer at Fitness Playground Newtown and at same time I’m working with my online clients.

My goal is to make Sydney, Australia my home, and become the best personal trainer / fitness competitor I can be. I also want to show the world that a tall (194 cm / 6’4) man can successfully develop a fit and well proportioned physique (height makes it harder!) and be a motivation for as many as possible, from everyday mums to professional guys, and all those in between!

Fitness and More Sydney by Csaba Serak or the Sydney Personal Trainer